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If you are new to cosplay or it has just piqued your interest, you may wonder what it even means. Cosplay is short for "costume play". It originated in Japan in the 60's and has come a long way since then. It has spread across the world and the Asian community has had major influence over the world. Cosplayers sometimes make their own costumes honing their creative skills or simply buy a costume from a costume store like mine.

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Costume play is a creative outlet that allows particpants to mingle at Comic or Anime Con's and feel comfortable being in an environment of total acceptance and appreciation of the common love of gaming, anime, or movie costumes and expressing their love for their favorite character.

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Cosplayers make a lot of money and afford a pretty good living by charging for selfies with fans and having Instagram pages. Vendors go to Con's and sell their products as well. Welcome to the new world of Cosplay where you can change your life and make an income doing what you love.

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