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This is Cosplay Moon's In Depth with Lilit Cosplay.

Thank you so much for taking the time to interview with me. I’m so excited to talk about your websites.

I see you have an Etsy Shop and that you make cosplay props and it looks like you sell the blueprints for others to do so. Is that correct? Tell me about how you got started and what is your process like?

Hello everyone, I’m super happy to be here! Yes, it is correct, I have an Etsy Shop and I opened it two years ago because I wanted to have some income from my passion and I also wanted to that become a job for me. The process to make a pattern is pretty long: I start to make a sculpt of the object that I need and I tape the surface. Then I draw on the tape and divide all the shapes, put some registration marks, some instructions for the assembling and then, I cut all the shapes and they become flat. It's incredible that a bunch of flat weird shapes becoming a puzzle that create an eva foam sculpture!

Lilit Lofi Ashley's Cosplay Cache

Sometimes I also record a tutorial that I put on my YouTube Channel for more instructions and step-by-step process. I put so much effort into making my Shop nice and useful for other people.

Are you from Italy?  What is it like? I am from the US and I live in Mississippi which is super boring but I bet there is more to do where you are. Could you tell me about it, please?

I don’t know if your place is boring, I think that every piece of the world is interesting and has something special. You know, when you travel everything seems special haha!

But yes, I think that Italy is an amazing place to see. Speaking of the landscapes and especially the food! I live near Venice and I'm very proud of it.

I was go to school there for 3 years and I saw that city in every type of light and weather, also with the snow, that’s so rare! But living in an isle full of little rivers and an infinite amount of bridges is awkward, and luckily I live in the Venice coast on the dry land. And in my town Oriago is full of historical villas and houses as well.

How did you get started cosplaying? What inspired you and how old were you when you began?

I discovered cosplaying when I was at school (I was about 15 years old) and watching a lot of anime. I was so in love with the little local cosplay conventions. It’s so fun to see other people's costumes and talk with them. I was going to art school so I always liked to create things by myself.

What is your favorite anime?

 My favorite anime is Death Note.

I love Death Note as well.

You have so many amazing photos. Do you make your costumes? Do you buy some of it? Tell me about that please.

Thank you so much!  As I said, I really like to create my costumes. The materials that I prefer are Eva foam, Worbla, Foam Clay and faux fur. But sadly I'm not so good at sewing, sometimes I buy some clothes and I modify them or I commission the fabric stuff to other people. Rarely I get some 3d printed props.

Please tell me about some of your favorite photoshoots.

My first favorite photoshoot is the Princess Mononoke in this amazing nature park, the photographer is Giancarlo Bigolin.Litlit Cosplay for Ashley's Cosplay Cache

Yes, this is really fascinating. This is an excellent photo.

The second is my Slave Leia costume made it in a studio (The photographer is the same of the first and he’s very talented).

Lilit as Leia for Ashley's Cosplay Cache

And the third is this epic Halloween shooting that we've made with two friends Elisabetta and Ilaria. The photographer is Salvatore Carotenuto. I really love this shoot because it gives me “Chilling Adventures of Sabrina” vibes! (I am the goat).


Lilit Goat Ashley's Cosplay Cache

It gives a very haunting feeling. I think it is very majestic.

Do you have a regular photographer that you use or how is the photoshoot process created and completed. Who does all of the editing, etc….

I like to collaborate with different photographers, because I can experiment a lot of techniques and styles. There are few photographers that I work more often because I like their style.

This photo is absolutely incredible. I love it. Tell me about it please. Lilit MonsterHunter Ashley's Cosplay Cache

I really love these two shoots. In the beginning they were two different photos, one of my friend Giulia with Alexstrasza and one of me with Ysera. The photographer Mario Mantovani captured the lights very well and I decided to combine the two shots with a simple edit program.

This pic was taken at a very important cosplay event in Italy, in the historical park Sigurtà.

Lilit Monster Hunter Ashley's Cosplay Cache

This photoshoot is so good. It is very beautiful and the colors are magnificent.

Do you model at con’s or go as a spectator?  What are they called where you are from. Are they expensive to go to and what is your favorite part about going?

I always go as a model at cons. But if the con is during for more days, maybe the first I go as a spectator. This makes me so laugh because where I come from they call the cosplayers that are not in cosplay like the uniformless agents: “in borghese”, plainclothes!

O wow! Kind of like the muggles of cosplayers? LOL

There are so many events in Italy and most of them are not expensive, some are free and my favorites are the outdoors and where there are a lot of people and a lot of good drink and food! Like the San Marino Comics and Festa Dell’Unicorno for example. Where’s the mead, there’s the party!


Who is your favorite cosplayer?

My favorite cosplayer of all the time is Kamui Cosplay!

I see her a lot online. She is very good.

As I scroll through your Instagram Page it makes me wonder how did you learn to create all of these pieces and who inspired you to do this?

Kamui Copslay is my favorite cosplayer because I learned so many things from her, and I could never make anything without her books and tutorials. I also have a lot of knowledge from the art school and I learned a lot of things by making mistakes and trying again. I always watch a lot of videos on YouTube also from other creators to learn something new. I always say: “I steal with my eyes”.

I am watching your Tik Tok videos and your Jack Sparrow is spot on. The holding of the hands and everything. Every one loves Jack. So tell me about the makeup and how you got it so perfect.

Ha ha ha! Yes I'm there, even if I don't use so much Tik Tok.

Once I tried to make a Jack Sparrow cosplay because I was always in love with this character and Alyson Tabbitha inspired me so much with her make up video. So after 3 tries I could do it as best as I can with fake beard and a ton of makeup. I also made the wig that took me so much effort and money to catch all the details and it’s not complete yet! Maybe in the future I will complete the entire look, but now I’m happy with this.


I love this video. It makes me smile.


I'm wondering if most people in the world can speak English. I’m assuming you are Italian but do you just live there? How do you know how to speak English?

I always lived here, and sometimes I would like to live in another country to be able to speak more languages or make my English better. I learned English at school, but I was never very good, so now I make my English better thanks to the translator but also because I watch so many videos where people talk in English. But I have a lot to learn.

Here are Lilit's websites so that you can check out all of her cosplays and creations.







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