The Benefit of Cosplay

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I'm just venturing into the world of cosplay, which is a new creative outlet for me to experience. My neices, nephews and friends have cosplayed for years and love the old throw backs like Sailor Moon from the 90's. After seeing their amazing photos from the Cons they have been to and posting on instagram, I became infatuated witht the beautiful costumes. So, my question has been considering the benefits of cosplay and why do so many people do it? 

First of all, it is fun!! It is fun to get out of the real world and gather with like-minded individuals. The world is so full of the monotony of life and can be hard to get through without an outlet. So comes cosplay. I'm looking forward to my first Con and am thinking about a Vocaloid costume. 

Second of all, fun is good for us. When we're having fun and we are sourrounding ourselves with people with common interests, we are spurning on the power of Serotonin. This blessed chemical makes us feel good and makes life more bearable, (like Prozac, but natural).

Thirdly, it gets us out of the house. I, like most of you, spend soooo much time on the computer and getting out of the house and not having my head buried in my computer or phone is a much needed change of pace. 

I'm looking forward to seeing some of you out and about in the New Year at the conventions. I will be taking tons of photos and will add to my blog then.

Happy Cosplaying.


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