Ashley’s Interview with Sano.cos Part 2

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Get ready for Part 2 with Sano.cos. This talented cosplayer is from San Paolo and will encourage you to believe in your dreams to get out their and cosplay.

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You were featured in cosplay real magazine. How did that happen?

Cosplay Realm Magazine is a digital and physical monthly magazine ran by Emily Rey and Aesthel. Their work has been doing a great service for the cosplay community, the magazine covers events, interviews prominent cosplayers and shares cosplayers from all over the world. Each month the magazine covers a different theme and every year there’s a big variety and features from many talented cosplayers. I’ve had the opportunity to appear in the magazine some times! My most favorite publications are from the “Mages & Magic Issue” with my Gilgamesh cosplay [from Fate Grand Order.] and the “Martial Arts and Fighting Issue” with my Terry Bogard cosplay [from Fatal Fury & King of Fighters]. They are currently accepting submissions for the next issues and I strongly encourage any cosplayer who wishes to have their work feature to get in touch with them and give an incentive to Emily’s and Aesthel’s amazing work.

Submission Link and Guidelines

CRM #55 – The Mages & Magic Issue

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                   CRM #53 – Martial Arts and Fighting Issue

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What is your favorite photoshoot that you have done and why?

I’m almost a 100% it will be Arataki’s (the pictures I’ve already took are not the final photoshoot I have in mind and I’m still working on his weapons for the final “Ultimate” photoshoot), but while this shoot doesn’t happen I think I’ll pick Chainsaw Man as my favorite for several reasons. The first one is that I’ve had the opportunity to take some pics together with Sami and have both our works featured! It was also quite fun to do some Meme videos for TikTok and Instagram stories, lol. Also, I’ve had the opportunity to take some pictures of this cosplay in an amazing setting; an abandoned highway tunnel right in the middle of the city!  It was also incredible to see the details of the Helmet in the final pictures as this was one of my most challenging projects to date and It’s always satisfying to see such a project come to life!

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Have you ever had a costume malfunction?

 Tell me about a cosplayer who hasn’t gone through these challenges, yet! Of course, I’ve had my share of mishaps in photoshoots and conventions alike! My most recent one was with Arataki Itto’s costume during my visit to the Genshin Impact event here in Sao Paulo! Oh my…I was really happy with the reception of my cosplay by the crowd and all the Genshin fans over there! However! Many fans wanted to get closer and how can I say….they wanted to be lifted by Arataki Itto!!! It was my first time wearing this cosplay on an event and it was not prepared for this, making long story short: had to take off all my false nails because they were falling every time, my wig was constantly being pulled back due to all the lifting and well…body contact during the event. Also, I have damaged some parts of the cosplay because of this…But you know…it was all worth with all the smiles and great reception of everyone there! I’ve definitely had a blast and became really happy with this repercussion. Well, for the next time I guess I’ll need to reinforce some parts of the cosplay to be Con-Ready!

Some pictures with Energetic Fans! I’ll definitely need to make some adjustments on the cosplay to endure the next cons! lol



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