Cosplay Moon Discusses Flow Art With Mel Wheeler

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Cosplay Moon is getting to know Mel Wheeler. So, come along with me as we discuss her hooping lifestyle. Check out the amazing images and scenery as well as her skill in the interview.

The hooping while cutting grass is so funny. But, how do you actually get it to stay on your butt, lol.  

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Haha! It’s such a silly thing to do! My new neighbor busted me, I saw him drive away laughing. I still haven’t met him yet, but he laughs every time he sees me! The secret to butt hooping… is to super squeeze your knees together! That, 3M grip tape, and a almost bare bottom!

That is hilarious.

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Since you teach lessons, I’m wondering how someone like me who has very slim hips can keep a hoop up. I cannot keep one up to save my life. What should I do? 

The first step is to make sure that you are using a big heavy hoop, at least as tall as your belly button, or even bigger!

Stand up nice and tall, put one foot forward and give the hoop a nice firm push, then rock back and forth. Pretend you have a laser beam in your belly button and try to shoot the hoop!!! Sound effects help, pew, pew, pew!!!

LOL. That is funny, too.

I see you are wearing a SpinJoy shirt. I actually interviewed her recently. Do you know each other? 

Spinjoy is one of my best friends! We met when I went to one of her hula hoop classes! Now we perform together, along with Lupa Howl, as part of the Spinjoy Squad!!!

That is crazy how small the world can really be. I mean I am in America and you guys are down under and of all the people in the world I found to flow artist to interview who are buddies. That blows my mind.

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You look so happy in all your photos. Is that your natural disposition? What is your sign and does it fit you?

I am pretty happy! I love my life and I appreciate every great moment! I am a Sagittarius and I love spontaneous adventure and freedom, and I always, always, always need to be out in nature or in the water!

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Where do you perform and when did you start hooping? 

I started Hooping 8 years ago. I perform my Hula Hoop acts anywhere and everywhere! I do a lot of performance for local council and community events, corporate parties and sometimes even on TV!

TV!! That's amazing. Good for you, girl.

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What is fire jam. Tell me about it, please.

A fire jam is when a group of people get together to spin fire or LED props. I sometimes host fire jams in the local park, so my students have a safe space to try out Fire Hula Hooping and I get to practice my skills as well! We pump the music loud and have a great time playing! I got really good at fire tricks by going to lots of Fire Jams when I first started hooping.

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Eternity Showcase sounds like a lot of fun. What happens there and how did you make it there? 

Eternity is a Heavy Metal & Rock themed showcase of Aerial Arts and Circus Acts, held once a year in Sydney. I had to submit an audition video of my act to have a chance to get in, and luckily I’ve made it in twice!!! It’s a great big stage to play on, and I choreographed my act and my DJ partner remixes the music for me! I try to make the act bigger and better every time!


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