Cosplay Moon's One on One with Miss Moonity

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One on One with Miss Moonity

Hi everyone, 

This is Ashley from Ashley's Cosplay Cache. I'm interviewing a cosplay model that I really enjoy working with. Her name is Miss Moonity and when I think of some words to describe her I would choose several after my two years of knowing and working with her: kind, friend, professional, beautiful, top cosplayer, kawaii cosplayer, easy to work and get along with, personable, adorable.... There are just so many words that describe her in the best light.  So here we go with the interview:

Hi Miss Moonity, It's so good to be able to interview with you and get a professional perspective on this industry. So, when did you do your first cosplay and did you make it or buy it?

Miss Moonity Ashley's Cosplay Cache

Hello Ashley,how are you today? Thank you very much for inviting me to speak with you. EST 2017 was the first year Missmoonity was established. However, I've participated in the cosplay community since earlier on. My first cosplay was one I hand crafted myself.

Miss Moonity Nasa Shirt Blue Wig Ashley's Cosplay Cache

 What first got you interested in cosplay?

It led to the discovery of cosplay through these interests: anime, comic books, video games & science fiction.

Miss Moonity Goth Ashley's Cosplay Cache

Who is your favorite cosplayer? Yaya Han. She is greatly known for her strong leadership within this community, exquisite craftsmanship, unique costumes, & close attention to detail.

Actually you are not the first person to mention YaYa, so I definitely need to check her out.

Miss Moonity Pikachu Cosplay Ashley's Cosplay Cache

What is your favorite character to cosplay? Current favorite costume theme is Pikachu! I have posted multiple Pokémon inspired photoshoots on IG.

Pokémon gotta catch em’ all!

Have you been a model at a convention? What is your favorite convention? How far have you traveled to go to a con? Yes, deciding on a favorite convention is a difficult task. I've made special appearances at a number of special events, some of which required hours of travel time each way. One of my luggage bags, which I hand-decorated for such special occasions, is on display here.

I love your bag. You are very creative!!!

Miss Moonity Ashley's Cosplay Cache

A lot of people ask if money can be made by cosplaying. What would be your response? It's a privilege & honor to have this opportunity to do so professionally; however it's an extremely competitive field to pursue.

Miss Moonity Red School Uniform Ashley's Cosplay Cache

How would you advise someone to get started in cosplaying who is interested but doesn’t know where to start? Many first start out by wearing fun accessories during their spare time. Alternatively, if you prefer to go all out in detail as your favorite character, go ahead & purchase a whole costume.

Miss Moonity RAcing Cosplay Ashley's CosplayCache

How much time and effort do you put into cosplaying for your Instagram page? Going at this full-time, everything is lovingly produced with heart. Pursuing so also requires high patience & steady effort.

 What is your favorite anime? And character? And why? One favorite is Sailor Moon. Usagi Tsukino is a nostalgic character beloved by many. Ashley's Cosplay Cache sponsored the following wig & costume, & some personalized elements were embellished to it.

Yes, this was the first photoshoot that you did for me and I was amazed and this is still one of my favorites. I got so excited when I saw this image again. It is awesome!!!

Ashley's Cosplay Cache Miss Moonity

What has been your favorite photoshoot? Does someone help you with your work? Check out this modeling shoot for Autofull. One reason that it's a favorite is because it displays both the desk & chair in great contrast with the background. Does someone help? it’s great to kick up my feet & be the boss.

Miss Moonity gaming desk Ashley's Cosplay Cache

That's awesome and I love the gaming desk.

Miss Moonity Gaming Ashley's Cosplay Cache

Are you into gaming? What is your favorite? Have you cosplayed a game character? Yes, Game on game strong! League of legends is one favorite computer games to name. Pokemon & MTG are a go to for tabletop. An example of an online video game character cosplayed is D.Va from Overwatch. (Schoolgirl version) 


Miss Moonity Blue SChool Uniform Ashley's Cosplay Cache

How did you come up with your name?


The name was pure revelation. I define the term Moonity as “A great amount of serenity, love, & light which exudes from within."

I love that because I feel like we are all connected to the moon. I can definitely tell when the moon is getting full!!

Miss Moonity Clouds Ashley's Cosplay Cache

What does your family think of you cosplaying? Are they supportive? Yes, whether it's support from family or friends, any encouragement is a huge blessing. Those who are most knowledgeable with these works are supportive which is very fortunate.

miss Moonity Pink wig Ashley's Cosplay Cache

What great responses. Thank you so much for all the work you put into this interview. I look forward to our next project together. Everyone needs to go check out Miss Moonity. 

Miss Moonity is available for bookings and custom cosplay photoshoots. So schedule with her to create some beautiful works of art. You will be glad you did.

These curated works are all projects credited to Missmoonity Studio. Here’s the link to browse more photographs

Please do enjoy it. In 2022 Missmoonity will continue to move into a greater direction. 

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