How are Fashion Trends Affecting the World?

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Fashion trends are more accessible than ever and are affecting many aspects of our life. Wall Streeters are now changing their way of dressing. The Kardashians have so much impact on fashion that there is a plethora of news articles on them. Cosplayers are changing public perception of acting out characters on days other than Halloween.

According to The Wall Street Journal, the business men have long worn suits and ties but are changing their ways. Wall Street is moving up in the world with dressing down. They are now trying to relate more to the client and how they dress. Ties are losing their presence in the Wall Street World and more casual attire with a loosened collar is making it's way in.

When you think of "Kardashian" you should think of fashion designers, beautiful clothes, Kendall the supermodel, and Kanye the fashion designer. I didn't think anyone could make camouflage something feminine women would wear. Still not my fave, but I like the bodysuits and bluejeans, love the heels and hot shoes, and I love a statement making jacket!

I love fashion so much that I have a fashion store and a cosplay store. The more involved I am with the cosplay, the more I realize it has had a huge impact on society. Think of all the colors you see people dying their hair now. What about the artistry it takes to create these costumes like a lot of cosplayers do. They have to be good at working with their hands, creating looks for their faces with make-up and pulling all of this together, which for me, would be a major fete. In Japan, they have cosplay cafes and the servers are dressed up in a character.

Whether your on Wall Street, watching the Kards, or planning a cosplay, fashion is impacting you. I love it! Fashion is beautiful, expressive, mind-blowing and most of all it is art. Thank you lovely people for expressing yourself through the art of fashion. Cosplayers, I so appreciate you and your hard work. Wall Streeters, I'm so glad you are loosening the top button. Stay fashion savvy my friends!

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