The Positive Impact of Anime in America

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The rise of anime is extremely apparent in American pop culture. The spread of the Asian culture is far-reaching and is having a positive impact in America. From bringing people of common interest together at large events to showing children depth in emotions and helping them to relate to others. Even American filmmakers have been influenced by the anime world in creating their shows, which Netflix is flooded with. Anime is for the creatives, the sensitives and the one's who may otherwise deal with some bullying. It is an amazing outlet and I love it. Long live anime and con's and the black sheep of society!


Artists are more visible now with their creativity at Con's and Instagram is being flooded with people who are expressing themselves through cosplay. This is such an exciting time in history for these artists' and someone like me who is enjoying creating this store representing mostly anime costumes. I believe anime brings people together who otherwise might be judged for what they like. I'm no stranger to being a black sheep and having bullies pick on me for being different. My outward appearance is mainstream (with blonde hair and gray eyes) but anyone who has gotten to know me is aware that I am an out-of-the-box type of thinker, I'm artistic and I am an original and not a follower of the crowd. I'm vegan, love whole foods and I am an artist. I believe my way of thinking is intimidating and I have to be my own encourager. Well, let me encourage you. I love you all and I appreciate you and I want you to do what makes you happy. Never give up on your dreams and the things you love.

So for all of my sensitives out there, I applaud you for your love of anime, your creativity and your desire to stand out from the crowd. Keep being brave in the face of adversity. Help America to become a more accepting place and let's make the bullies of the world feel uncomfortable as we break out of our molds and fight against the stigma of the suits, jocks and those that simply cannot think for themselves. Do what's right by your own standards and show the world your creative and loving side. Uphold each other and be courageous! Never be afraid to be you.

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