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I have just started watching the Tokyo Ghoul series on Hulu. What a surprise this anime has been for me. Of course it has the what I would expect in amazing art and the attention to detail. However, so far, this anime has the most appealing characters for me. I love the modern tattooed characters and the villians hiding in plain site. Have I really watched 3 episodes this morning?

tokyo ghouls choker ashleys cosplay cache

What can I say except I love Tokyo Ghouls. Most of the time I can go a few days before I watch another episode of a new series, but with this one, I just can't stop unless duty calls. I have to say some character voices can get on my nerves in some series, but this one has been surprisingly more laid back in voices and makes it so much better. 

 tokyo ghouls shirt ashleys cosplay cache

The characters are wearing mesh dresses and have tattoos, piercings and red hair, which gives it a more relevant spin that makes me appreciate it more than some of the others. I love the mask maker and his apparent sleeve and his smooth and calm demeanor.

 tokyo ghouls umbrella ashleys cosplay cache

So, this leads me to posting some of the Tokyo Ghouls costumes and products that are in the store. I hope you love them as much as I do.

tokyo ghouls phone case ashleys cosplay cache

tokyo ghouls robe ashleys cosplay cache




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