Frequently Asked Questions

Prism Raves Frequently Asked Questions page is here to answer the most asked questions about products, the store, shipping, and more.

1. How long will it take to receive my item(s)?

Most items are delivered within 40 days. Read through the product description to find items that ship within the U.S. These can arrive in as little as 14 days. 

2. Do you have more of this item?

If you saw an item before and now it is gone, it may have been sold out. If you would like to see if another can be found, please chat on Botto and I will see your message there. Please give me the title name of the product or the store link if you have it.

3. How much is shipping?

Shipping is free when you buy a product and do not need it expedited. To have a product expedited will cost more. Contact through Botto to get an expedited price.

4. Where is my package?

Have you checked the tracking link or chatted with Botto? This is the best way to see where your package is. If you send me the link, your name, your email, name of the product you purchased, and your order number, I can check for you but it may take a little longer for me to return your message than if you just check yourself. 

Sometimes packages get stolen or left at the wrong house. If your package says that it has been delivered, please check your Ring Doorbell or any outdoor camera you may have or ask a neighbor if they have seen it. If it was delivered and dropped off and the delivery person has logged it as a completed delivery, there isn't really anything I can do. My Christmas presents were stolen off of my porch in 2020, so I understand the toll theft is taking these days.

 5. Can I return my product for a refund?

The only time you may return a product for a refund is if it is damaged or something really bad has happened with the product. All products in my store are highly rated so there should be no need for returns.

6. What about a discount?

If you sign up for emails or texts, you will get discounts a few times a year. Also, I display on the homepage discounts for some weekends and most holidays. There are plenty of opportunities to get a discount in this store.

7. Are your products quality products? 

All of the products in the store are 4.9 stars or higher. Most of them are 5.0 stars. You will be getting the best quality of anime, goth, and costume products online.

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