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Thank you for interviewing with me. I saw your products as I was scrolling on Instagram under the search for Kawaii products. How did you come up with this amazing idea and how do you create it? Also, how long does it take for you to make one of these amazing lighters?

    beauluster 420 cosplayer blog cosplay moon  420 beauluster cosplayer blog kawaii weed products cosplay moon

 Thank you so much! I go by Beauluster but I also go by Jen, too! The idea came to me when I started using Hemplights (the plain lighter case) and I saw how popular and cute decoden phone cases were. I figured that there were stoners out there who would want some fun, blinged out lighter cases that fit their personality. Over the years, I’ve streamlined my process so that I can physically make each case within a few minutes. HOWEVER, the process of making resin charms, ordering supplies, designing each case, making each case, and then getting them prepped for sale usually takes me a couple weeks. So I generally make enough cases for a whole month before starting the process over again.

                    beauluster cosplayer blog kawaii weed products cosplay moon

 So tell me how you got started, and when? And what gave you inspiration besides the obvious “herbal inspiration”?

 beauluster cosplayer blog cosplay moon    cosplayer blog kawaii blog weed gifts cosplay moon

 As mentioned above, I basically wanted to combine the kawaii and stoner niches together. It really all started back in 2016 when I did freelance work (as a graphic designer) for Hemper. I quickly learned that the stoner/smoking accessory market is dominantly aimed towards a male audience and that there wasn’t a lot of good-looking feminine products out there. At the time, I was a heavy weed smoker and I was constantly looking out for items to add to my set up to make it more cute and girly.

     cosplayer blog kawaii products cosplay moon  cosplayer blog kawaii weed products cosplay moon

 Do you work alone or do you have a team?

At the moment, it’s mostly just me. I have a social media manager who posts the content I give her on a couple different platforms. I’ve also had friends who help me put together more simple assembly items (like the keychain lighter cases) but everything else is all me. I also have an amazing accountant who does all the background financial reporting that I don’t want to do, haha.

 I think every girly girl who “needs” a lighter should have one just like this and that means me, LOL…….

I totally agree! Which is why I try hard to make a lot of different designs to appeal to a bunch of aesthetics!

I watched your packaging video and it looks like everything is lovingly handled. I would also assume these sell out. How hard is it to get your hands on one? And how long does it take for you to ship them out?

                              beauluster cosplayer blog cosplay moon

Thank you! I won’t lie, I’ve seen many other small businesses/creators put a ton of effort into their packaging, with custom tissue paper and the works! However, I believe that while that’s cute, this product isn’t necessarily luxurious enough to justify a high packaging cost when the extra stuff is thrown away. Maybe one day it will evolve to that but not now. 

At the height of the pandemic (when everyone was glued to their phones) my cases usually sold out within 4-5 minutes. Now that more people are back at work and out doing things in this “new normal” cases take longer to sell out. A bulk of the inventory is still gone within 15-20 minutes but now there are some stragglers that stay around longer. At first I was frustrated by the slower sell out time but then I realized that it gave way more people a chance to own my art.

For shipping times, I usually try to ship out within 1-2 of a customer placing an order. Shipping speed is very important to me!

                              alien lighter cosplayer blog kawaii 420 beauluster cosplay moon

 Does it depend if they are already made or do you create to order for anyone?

I only sell product that are ready to ship the next day. Most sales usually happen on the weekend though, so Sunday is dedicated to packing orders to ship on Monday.

I see you also have the stash box bundle on your website and it is amazing!!!! Tell me about the process of creating and getting these ready for the shop?

The Stash Box is a collab effort from myself and SwagGear. The owner of SwagGear, Mitchell, reached out about taking my art and getting it printed on the items that are in the stash box. We went with this magical rainbow mushroom design. However, the pandemic really took a hit on production speed and we waited nearly a year before we could launch the boxes. Apart from designing the art, he did most of the work in getting those produced for us!

Thank you so much for interviewing with me. I really appreciate the time and I love your products!!!

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