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Why do we have obsessions with vampires? What makes a blood-sucker so exciting and addictive? Is the vampire a romantic in your mind or a killer? Is it the strength, the beautiful skin that will never change, or the dying devotion.  How long will this desire for a dead man live in my head; never to fade away. The thoughts of eternal life from one bite was so exhilarating.

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Vampires have come a long way from my years on the earth from reading Salem's Lot in the 90's as a young teen, and the vampire being an old creepy thing. To the books I ready from Anne Rice later in the 90's; The Interview With The Vampire series. I even had two cats name Louis and Lestat. The blonde cat was of course Lestat and my black cat was Louis. I also read the Vampire Diaries books in the 90's and I remember Elena being described with long silvery hair that was so long it hung across the hand brake of her car. You may know what a hand break is to realize how long her hair would have been in the book.

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I slightly remember Bella Legosi; the original movie Nosferatu. So, when I say Billy Wirth playing a vampire alongside Keifer Sutherland in The Lost Boys, I about fell out suffering from a heartbreak knowing I couldn't have Billy. I was only about 13 at the time, but my love for vampires was cemented into my heart. The love for a pale man with long dark hair and blue eyes with red lips was it for me. I would never waiver in my love for these men even though I am now in my late 40's.

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The thought of a man who has lived through many decades and seen so many changes in history, yet he finds you to be the most irresistible woman after all of his lonely years suffering on this earth. This is what deep romanticism is all about. Take Edward and Bella; the newest addition to the vampire love. Pouring through lifetimes that will never end. The story is always the same; love me forever with passion that never wanes.

It is hard to remember what the book series says about Elena's love life, but with the television series, Elena is so irresistible to two brothers who have lived over 100 years makes you want to be her. She's so amazing she has a doppleganger...

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For the younger generation born after 2000, you may not have heard about Type O Negative. The original vampire band from the 90's that isn't goofy vampire music. hey use truly transcendent sounding notes from what would you imagine the vampire music would sound like from the 20's or before. Where Peter Steele rolls his R's and sounds like an old school vampire the way he says Nosferatu in Black No. 1. after the first chorus their music, as well as using some harpsichord notes towards the end of the song. Then it transitions into hard rocking metal that hooks you once the bass drops. A little bit of Herman Munster organ with Alice In Chains banging, goose-bump inducing music. Peter Steele epitomizes what a vampire singer would really be like.

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Then we move onto Supernatural, a series I love so much I am watching all 15 seasons for the second time around. The vampires in that show also have an undying love for their lifetime mate. Yet their teeth are so not sexy in the show. It is not what I want my vampire to look like and I see vampires as having lived long enough to be very good with money and having saved and created a financial heap so large they have a gothic mansion to live in. Not a barn or an abandoned building.

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 So this leads me to Klaus Mikaelson, Oh My God!! He is so beautiful and Joseph Morgan played such an amazing vampire patriarch who loved his family but wasn't afraid to put a stake in them for a few decades. He shows his vulnerable side to very few. But, Camille he loved and it made us want to be Camille and how could she reject him and not love him back the way he loved her.

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I guess I will be 80 years old and still rocking out to Type O and Alice in Chains. As long as Netflix plays my beloved vampire series' and movies I will still be re-watching all of them. There is a power in staying young and not getting the wrinkles and sagging body. Maybe in the next life this will become a reality. The superstitions and myths came from somewhere and they must exist in another universe. Until then, I will be waiting for my vampire love of a lifetime.

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