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Cosplay Moon is getting to know Nick Pro. He is a flipping cosplayer, literally. Check out the amazing photos and athletic skill in the photos throughout this blog. Thanks so much for taking the time to interview with me. I am super excited about this interview since you are the first male cosplayer that I get the pleasure of discovering a little more about. I love to scroll Tik Tok and I saw you there. I think your videos are awesome!!!

Nick Pro Ashley's Cosplay Cache

I see that you lift and I lift as well but, for women it is always harder to tell how much muscle we really have because of our layer of fat. Tell me about your workout regimen and what are your favorite exercises?

Nick Pro Ashley's Cosplay Cache

Yes I do lift! I started lifting about 4-5 years ago to help me get stronger in my parkour skills. I try to work out 2 hours a day, 6 days a week. I alternate between a push day (chest / triceps), a pull day (back / biceps) and leg day. My favorite exercises are deadlifts and squats! As a parkour athlete I use my legs a lot so I want to make them stronger. 

Deadlifts and squats are actually my least favorite, but my daughter that goes with me makes me do those at least once a week. I prefer sissy squats,  

lunges, pushing the sled across the gym and doing good mornings. I really like to get that hamstring popping.

Those back and frontward flips. How do you do that and did you train or are you just a natural superhero? 

Nick Pro Ashley's Cosplay Cache

I am a professional parkour athlete. I have been doing flips for about 16 years now. I taught myself how to do everything. But if anyone wanted to learn I would recommend finding a gym with mats (a gymnastic center or a trampoline park).

Nick Pro Spiderman Ashley's Cosplay Cache

That’s a very hard question to answer! For anime I am going to say Izuku Midoriya from My Hero Academia. Mostly because of his passion and dedication. It always motivates me to be better and train harder! 

It looks like you are a huge anime and Marvel fan. What is your favorite character from each?

For Marvel I would have to say Spider-Man. I obviously love his acrobatics and such but I also love that he is intelligent. I love a hero with some brains!

Nick Pro Ashley's Cosplay Cache

I know what you mean....brains and brawn.

Some of your photos are taken in amazing places. I have seen waterfalls, buildings, lakes and more. Where do you live or where are these locations?  

Nick Pro Ashley's Cosplay Cache

I live in Canada but I love to travel. Those pictures were probably taken in Bali, Vancouver, Hawaii but I have been to a lot more places.


 That's really awesome. You seem like a free spirit to me.

What do you struggle with the most in trying to live a healthy lifestyle? Any obstacles? I know for me it is sugar. As a gluten free vegetarian/vegan i try to stay away from sugar and processed foods, but I always slip up. 

Nick Pro Red Riot Ashley's Cosplay Cache

I think my struggles are different than most people. I struggle with over tracking my food. As a professional athlete I want to make sure I have enough protein and not too much of other things.

Nick Pro Ashley's Cosplay Cache

So every day, I track what I eat and the macros. So, sometimes it’s hard for me to consciously pass my calorie “limit”. Which can often be the healthy decision if I did extra exercise that day. Other than that, I have always found ways of having fun while I exercise so it’s easy for me to do it daily. I do flips which I love, and I also play Pokemon in between my sets when I rest. Which makes the 2 hour workouts go by very quick!

Nick Pro Spiderman Ashley's Cosplay Cache

Those are long workouts. Mine is about an hour five days a week. I really should stay longer and put more effort into it. May be I will start now that I have learned more about you and it is inspiring.

Sometimes I also struggle with depression and thinking maybe my efforts in my business aren’t going to work out for me and I can literally stay in the bed for two days and not want to get up. Do you ever struggle with anything like that? Or anxiety or etc…?

Nick Pro Spiderman Ashley's Cosplay Cache

I personally was usually always motivated and always had goals I wanted to achieve. I don’t have as many goals in Parkour anymore since I am 30 and I am focusing on preserving my body. I also have reached most of my goals with work (YouTube) since I have 8 million subscribers now. So my struggle now is to stay motivated even though I have achieved most of my goals already.
I did have something similar to you during a little heart break. Made it very hard to leave the couch and stop playing Assassin’s Creed. Filming for YouTube was extremely hard!

Nick Pro Ashley's Cosplay Cache

Yep, I totally understand.

Any mishaps when trying to flip for a photoshoot? 

Nick Pro Ashley's Cosplay Cache

I’ve never broken a bone, but I have definitely gotten a few bumps and bruises. Never for a photoshoot because the easy flips are the ones that look good in pictures. But when I pushed myself as an athlete I’ve hit my head a few times.

Nick Pro Ashley's Cosplay Cache

Parkour?!?!?! How do you overcome the fear of getting hurt when you are doing all of these flips? Or are you an adrenaline junkie? I have jumped tandem once and it was one of the most amazing things I have done so I can understand the great feeling you can get from cheating death or injury. 

Nick Pro Ashley's Cosplay Cache

I think the biggest way to overcome fear is progressions and repetitions. So before trying the scary flip, I try to progress towards it. When I teach how to backflip there are a ton of things we can do before to get over the fear. Once you’ve tried it, the more you repeat it, the less scary it becomes! I get scared often but, at this point I’ve had to push past that fear hundreds of times so it became easier!

Nick Pro Spiderman Ashley's Cosplay Cache

That sounds amazing.

Tell me about your Youtube channel when you started it and how it came to be.

Nick Pro Ashley's Cosplay Cache

So, in 2017 my friend and I had a conversation and we just really wanted to become “YouTubers”. I had already made a ton of videos for parkour so it was normal to me. I love having those video memories of what I have done. But after that conversation we started making 2 to 3 videos a week. In December of 2017 is when it really got traction and I hit 100k subscribers.
From then, I continued to mix my passion for parkour with my nerdy side to keep it growing. I am hoping to get 10 million this year.

Nick Pro Ashley's Cosplay Cache

I'm sure you will.

Who was your inspiration for getting into cosplay and who is your idol?

Nick Pro Kimetsu Ashley's Cosplay Cache

As a man, I didn’t really know many male cosplayers to look up to when I started. I am sure they existed, I just didn’t know them so I never really had an “idol”.
My inspiration to get into it was my friend Adam Ferenczy. We met at the gym doing flips, and he always wore nerdy things like a mirrors edge shirt, or pokemon stuff. So we bonded over that. But one day he told me to come to Comiccon. I had never been but I had one costume in my closet (an Anakin Skywalker cosplay). I was super shy to just show up to a building in costume, alone, in public. But, I did it and I’ve been in love with conventions ever since.

Nick Pro Ashley's Cosplay Cache

 Thank you so much for the interview. I really enjoyed it. 

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