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This is Cosplay Moon's Interview with THE DEMON FOX. Thanks so much for taking the time to answer some questions for me and the fans. I’m looking forward to diving into your cosplays and finding out more about you. I see in your profile that you are from the UK. What part? Have you travelled to other countries?

It's my pleasure, thanks for taking the time to interview me. I'm born and based in the North West of the UK. I have recently got back from a 3 and a half month long trip to the US visiting my partner.

demon fox harley quinn ashley's cosplay cache

What languages do you speak?

English is my mother tongue, but I do try and learn bits from a lot of languages, I can speak bits of Welsh, German, French, Greek, Spanish, Italian and Japanese but I'm still learning a ton 😅 if I visit a country that's mother tongue is another language other than English I always try to learn at least a few sentences in that language as a sign of respect to them.

It looks like you create some of your own costumes. Which one’s have you made yourself and tell me a little about the process. 

I normally make adjustments on most of my cosplays but one I made mostly myself would have to be my black cat cosplay. I bought a very simple black cat suit that unfortunately didn't fit me at all when it arrived. I don't have a sewing machine either so I had to hand sew everything to the correct measurements to fit me, then cut a bunch of white faux fur fabric and sew that to the catsuit too. Painted the cat collar myself and sewn more faux fur to the boots and gloves and ta-da she was complete.

demon fox cat woman ashley's cosplay cache

I think it is awesome when people are creative enough with fabrics that they can improvise their costumes themselves.  Do you have any wardrobe malfunctions or funny stories during a photoshoot? Or anything memorable that may have happened?

I remember a few years ago when I was as confident wearing heels, my ankle accidentally gave way and I ended up eating the ground in front of about 20 other cosplayers at a convention… I felt so embarrassed at the time but, now looking back it was hilarious.

I would totally be embarrassed too. Seems it hurts our pride more in the moment than our body and then our body hurts after we walk away from the accident.

Do you have any costume mishaps or adventures that you can think of?

I've definitely had my fair share, from straps snapping to my props breaking at a con from so much use, but that's why we bring lots of repair kits!

What are your pets names and what and how many do you have? I am a huge animal lover myself. Currently, I have a beagle bull who is my baby.

demon fox ashley's cosplay cache

That's adorable, I currently do not own any pets (I really want to though, cats, snakes and lizards) however my last pet was my beloved cat who passed away 2 years ago at nearly 19 years old, I had him since he was a kitten and he literally was treated like my child, his name was Ronnie (after the Kray twins, we did have his brother Reggie but he passed over 15 years ago) I used to also call Ronnie 'my little prince'.

It truly is like losing a family member. 

I recently saw the movie with Tom Hardy about the Kray twins. They are some gangsters that I wasn't aware of. I have seen most gangster movies that are American based, but that was a really good one to see.

Do you model at conventions or go as a participant? Do you have any upcoming events you are planning to participate in?

I do model at conventions and will happily work with stalls and the convention itself. However, I do also go as a participant (almost always cosplaying) and I always have fun no matter what I'm doing. This year I'm planning to go to Megacon in Birmingham (hopefully) both MCM London; May & October and then a few local cons too, like Chester comic con, etc..

I'm assuming you mean Birmingham, England? I am from Birmingham, Alabama. I was born and raised there until I left at about 28 or so

The Arcane Me App, what is it? It actually looks like you painted a picture of yourself from the Instagram post. 

demon fox ashley's cosplay cache

It's an app based of the League Of Legends TV show Arcane. You just upload a photo of yourself into the app and it 'arcane-ifies' you into the same style the arcade TV show was made in. 

That is awesome. I love it.

What is your favorite character to cosplay and which photoshoot would you say is your favorite? 

I have way too many characters I love to narrow it down to one favorite but, I guess you could say Harley Quinn is definitely up there for me as I have cosplayed a ton of versions of her! My favorite photoshoot was either last September when I did a group shoot with a bunch of my friends for Halloween, or last Thursday when I did studio night for eight photographers and was the model of the night. I did three looks that I am awaiting photos on! 😁

I love the Plague Doctor Photo. What was the inspiration behind it? And who is with you? 

demon fox ashley's cosplay cache

The plague doctor shoot was just a random last minute idea my bestfriend (TheEmberWolf) and I planned as another spooky themed shoot, plus we both love the aesthetic and style of plague doctors, we both love spooky/gothic era things.

Yes. I love Goth as well. 

This Pumpkin Queen photo is amazing? I love the effects of the fiery pumpkin head. Do you have a photographer you would like to shout out ? Tell me how you thought of this or is it from a movie or a character? 

The pumpkin queen head was made entirely from scratch by myself out of car floor mats and paper mache'd and painting a ton. The idea was inspired by the play ghouls who are drawn by the artist @captain_toosh_art and I chose to base my creation off of their art. The fiery effects were done by the talented @michaelgartonportraits. He is an incredible photographer and truly has such a natural eye and talent for getting the perfect angles and making absolute wizardry magic in the editing process.

demon fox ashley's cosplay cache

I believe it from this post. It is incredible.

What is your favorite photoshoot?

I have so many I've done with so many wonderful photographers, but my favorites are always the ones done with my friends and fellow models.

What are your favorite and least favorite things about conventions?

Favorite thing would be meeting up with my friends, seeing my followers and just overall being in a giant area with thousands of like minded and happy people.

Least favorite would be how achey my body and feet get after a long day in cosplay 🤣.

Harley Quinn at the Convention. Where did this one take place and what is it called. If it is in your country could you tell me what the prices are like there? In America they are around 30 to 50 dollars for entrance. 

I've been to 3 conventions as Harley Quinn; Chester, Liverpool and Manchester. Our convention prices mostly range from £10-£30 but some can be more expensive like the big cons (London/Birmingham etc..)

The Lady J. What a great take on the Joker in female form. What a beautiful photoshoot. The gun is awesome.

demon fox ashley's cosplay cache

Yeah the Lady J cosplay is definitely one of my favorites I've done.

When did you start cosplaying and what or who inspired you to begin?

I started cosplaying back in 2017, I've always wanted to do it for years but, was always too nervous to start and didn't think you could do it unless you were super slim/toned/body of perfection. But, then I saw more and more regular people cosplaying and having fun doing so and decided f*ck it and started with SS Harley Quinn and never looked back 😁

I think outdoor photoshoots are always more fantastical. I love the one where you have the blue butterfly in your hand. 

Yes that is another favorite shot of mine. That was taken and edited by the talented  It was taken in a stunning woodland area that is kept a secret so it does not become flooded with people and ruin every photographers dream of shooting there. But, it truly is a magical place: very very mysterious and peaceful.

demon fox ashley's cosplay cache

You also have a TikTok at DemonBabe_ _ Do you enjoy Tik Tok as much as I do? I feel like I can’t go to sleep at night until I watch it for a while….

My TikTok had actually changed names, it is @Thedemonfoxx_ now like my Instagram handle. But, yes! I love TikTok so much. I'm not a fan of their new algorithm changes and the suppression of cosplayers on there but the app is really fun and I do spend a lot of time scrolling on it and enjoying the content on there.

I had no idea about cosplayer suppression. That's really sad. 

Your KO-Fi page says you are saving up for a DVA cosplay of Evelynn. If you are interested in helping go check her page out at

Thank you I appreciate that so much!

You can help promote and follow her pages at this link:

Thanks again!

Do you have any upcoming photoshoots or con’s that you will participate in?

Currently on the cards for me convention wise is: Megacon Birmingham, MCM London May & October, and then a few local cons like Chester.

And photoshoot wise I have a tonnnnnn booked in so watch this space! 😉😁


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