The Ultimate Guide to Electric Forest 2024

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Electric Forest 2024: Your Comprehensive Festival Experience Guide

By Prism Raves

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Table of Contents

  1. Introduction to Electric Forest 2024
  2. Lineups and Artists: The Heart of the Festival
  3. Vendors and Amenities: What’s on Offer
  4. Tickets and Costs: Planning Your Budget
  5. Camping at Electric Forest: Tips and Tricks
  6. Navigating Lines, Bathrooms, and Showers
  7. Electric Forest Outfits: Dress to Impress
  8. What to Wear: Fashion Tips for Electric Forest
  9. Demographics: Average Age and Family-Friendliness
  10. Outfit Tips and Ideas for Electric Forest
  11. Conclusion
  12. Get Ready for Electric Forest 2024!

Introduction to Electric Forest 2024

Electric Forest 2024 is gearing up to offer an extraordinary blend of music, art, and community in the enchanting setting of Rothbury, Michigan. Slated for June 20-23, this festival is not just an event; it's an experience that transcends the ordinary.

Renowned for its stunning natural beauty and immersive artistic installations, Electric Forest creates a magical woodland atmosphere where festival-goers can connect with music, nature, and each other in profound ways.

What Makes Electric Forest 2024 Special?

  • Diverse Lineup: Featuring a wide array of artists across various genres, the festival caters to all musical tastes, from electronic dance music to indie rock.
  • Artistic Flair: Beyond music, expect captivating art installations and performances that enhance the overall experience.
  • Community Spirit: At its core, Electric Forest is about fostering a sense of community and connection among its attendees.

     prism raves - ultimate guide to electric forest

Lineups and Artists: The Heart of the Festival

  • Lineups and Artists: The Heart of the Festival

    Electric Forest 2024 is set to showcase an eclectic mix of musical talent, staying true to its reputation for having one of the most diverse lineups in the festival world. This event is a haven for music lovers of all types, from the pulsating beats of EDM to the soulful strums of indie music. Here's what you can look forward to:

    • A Spectrum of Genres: The festival's lineup is a mosaic of musical styles. Fans can immerse themselves in everything from electronic dance music, indie, funk, to jam bands, and more. This variety ensures that every attendee finds their rhythm.

    • Headlining Acts: Electric Forest 2024 will feature an array of well-known artists who have made significant impacts in their respective genres. These headliners, often global music icons, are set to deliver unforgettable performances that resonate long after the festival.

    • Emerging Talent: One of the most exciting aspects of Electric Forest is its spotlight on up-and-coming artists. These emerging talents bring fresh sounds and innovative performances, offering a glimpse into the future of music.

    • Collaborative Performances: Unique to Electric Forest is the collaboration between different artists, often leading to once-in-a-lifetime performances. These collaborations are not only a treat for the audience but also showcase the communal spirit of the festival.

    • Interactive Experiences: Beyond traditional performances, many artists at Electric Forest engage with the audience through interactive sets, creating an immersive and participatory experience.

    • World-Class Stages: Each stage at Electric Forest is a work of art, with incredible light shows, sound systems, and decorations that enhance the overall experience of the performances.

    What to Keep an Eye Out For

    • Schedule Releases: Stay updated with the official Electric Forest website and social media channels for announcements about the lineup and schedule.
    • Newcomers to Watch: Keep an eye out for the 'ones to watch' – these emerging artists often bring innovative and exciting performances to the festival.
    • Genre-Specific Stages: Different stages at Electric Forest cater to specific genres, so plan your itinerary according to your musical preferences.


    The lineup and artists are indeed the heartbeat of Electric Forest. With a blend of established names and rising stars across a spectrum of genres, the festival promises an auditory feast for all attendees. Get ready for an unforgettable musical journey in the magical setting of Electric Forest 2024.

    Ready for the Beat of Electric Forest 2024?

    Don't miss out on the musical extravaganza that Electric Forest 2024 has to offer. For the latest updates on the lineup and tickets, visit the Electric Forest Official Website and start planning your festival experience now!

  • Headlining Acts: Look forward to performances by renowned artists such as Pretty Lights, Excision, Nelly Furtado, Ludacris, and Charlotte de Witte.
  • Dynamic Duos: Collaborations like EVERYTHING ALWAYS (Dom Dolla + John Summit) and PSYRYN (CloZee + LSDREAM) promise to bring unique energy to the stage.
  • Genre-Bending Acts: From the electronic grooves of Subtronics to the jam band vibes of Umphrey’s McGee and The String Cheese Incident, there's something for every music enthusiast.
  • Rising Stars: Emerging talents like Knock2 and Ben Böhmer are set to showcase their skills, offering fresh sounds to the festival's lineup.
  • A Blend of Styles: With artists ranging from EDM heavyweights to indie rock bands, Electric Forest 2024 ensures a rich, eclectic mix of music.

Making the Most of the Lineup

  • Plan Your Schedule: With so many acts to see, it's essential to plan your schedule once the full lineup is released.
  • Explore New Sounds: Electric Forest is the perfect opportunity to discover new artists and genres.
  • Stay Updated: Keep an eye on Electric Forest's official channels for the latest news and surprise additions to the lineup.

Vendors and Amenities: What’s on Offer

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  • Electric Forest 2024 is not just about the music; it's a complete sensory experience. With a variety of vendors and amenities, the festival caters to every need and desire of its attendees. Here's a glimpse of what to expect:

    • Diverse Food Vendors:

      • Whether you're a fan of gourmet food trucks, local delicacies, or vegan and gluten-free options, Electric Forest has got you covered.
      • Expect a range of international cuisines, from spicy Asian dishes to classic American comfort food.
      • Hydration stations will be available throughout the venue to keep you refreshed.
    • Merchandise Booths:

      • Official Electric Forest merchandise for souvenirs and keepsakes.
      • Artist merchandise to support your favorite performers.
      • Unique festival gear from various vendors to elevate your festival experience.
    • Crafts and Artisanal Products:

      • Handcrafted jewelry, clothing, and art pieces from local and national artisans.
      • Customizable items for a personal touch.
    • Health and Wellness Services:

      • On-site medical facilities for any health-related needs.
      • Wellness and relaxation zones for a peaceful break from the festival hustle.
    • Activities and Interactive Installations:

      • Participate in various workshops and activities.
      • Engage with interactive art installations that are a hallmark of Electric Forest.

    Tips for Enjoying the Vendors and Amenities

    • Explore Early: Take some time to explore the vendor area early in the festival to familiarize yourself with the offerings.
    • Budget Accordingly: With so much to see and buy, plan your budget to enjoy the vendor experiences fully.
    • Stay Hydrated: Make use of the hydration stations, especially if the festival days are hot and sunny.

Tickets and Costs: Planning Your Budget for Electric Forest 2024

Attending Electric Forest 2024 requires some budget planning, especially considering the various ticket options and packages available. Here's a breakdown of the ticket prices and what they include, helping you plan your festival experience effectively:

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  • General Admission (GA) Camping Wristband: Priced at $601.90 after fees, this wristband offers general admission to Electric Forest and is your entry to the GA Campgrounds. It's a great option if you're looking to experience the festival and camping atmosphere.

  • GA Camp Higher Love Wristband: These limited single wristbands are priced at $839.19 after fees. However, single pass holders won't be able to get a vehicle pass, so you'll need to join someone who has a package.

  • Maplewoods and Lucky Lake Tiers: These tiers offer camping in specific areas - Maplewoods in the shade of trees and Lucky Lake by the water. Single tickets for these areas are $989.66 after fees, and like Camp Higher Love, you'll need to join a package holder for vehicle access.

  • Good Life Village & Sherwood Court Tent-Only Camping: This is the VIP option, priced at $1,077.30 after fees. It includes VIP festival access, a 24/7 concierge, and admission to the Good Life Welcome Party.

  • Additional Options: There are packages that include two or more wristbands and vehicle or RV passes. For example, Lucky Lake Lakeside Camping Packages offer an unforgettable beachside experience.

  • Payment Plans: Electric Forest offers flexible payment plans starting at $50 down with two payments per month over four months. Other plans include 10% down for one payment per month over four months, and 25% down for one payment per month over three months.

These details will help you choose the best option according to your preferences and budget. For more information and to make a purchase, visit the official Electric Forest website​​​​​.

    Camping at Electric Forest: Tips and Tricks

    • Attending Electric Forest is a truly unique experience, and camping is a big part of the festival culture. Here's a guide to help you navigate the various camping options and make the most of your stay:

      • General Admission (GA) Camping: This is the most basic option, providing access to the GA Campgrounds. It's ideal for those looking for a classic festival camping experience. Expect to find a lively, communal atmosphere.

      • Maplewoods Camping: For those seeking a bit more comfort, Maplewoods offers shaded camping areas. This option provides a respite from the sun and a slightly more relaxed environment.

      • Good Life Village Camping: This is a VIP camping option. It includes amenities such as private showers and bathrooms, exclusive performances, and quicker access to the festival grounds.

      • Back 40 Camping: For a luxurious experience, Back 40 offers spacious campsites, with options for log cabins or luxury tents. It includes amenities such as a pool and hot tub access, a brunch buffet, and golf cart shuttle service to the festival grounds.

      • Camping Tips:

        • Weather Preparedness: Be prepared for all types of weather. Pack rain gear, warm clothing for the nights, and light clothing for the day.
        • Terrain Considerations: Bring comfortable shoes for walking and a good tent setup to stay dry and comfortable.
        • Camping Essentials: Don’t forget essentials like a tent, sleeping bag, flashlight, and a portable charger.
        • Food and Water: While there are food vendors, bringing snacks and water can save money and time.

    Navigating Lines, Bathrooms, and Showers

    • Electric Forest 2024 is set to be a fantastic experience, but with any large festival, knowing how to navigate lines, bathrooms, and showers is essential for a comfortable stay. Here are some tips and details to help you:

      • Avoiding Long Lines:

        • Plan your schedule to avoid peak times at popular stages and amenities.
        • Use restroom facilities during less busy periods, like during major stage performances.
        • Stay informed about the least crowded entry points and times.
      • Bathrooms and Showers:

        • Electric Forest provides numerous bathroom facilities throughout the festival grounds.
        • There are showers available for a fee, offering a refreshing break and a chance to clean up.
        • VIP camping options often include access to exclusive, less-crowded bathroom and shower facilities.
      • Maintaining Hygiene:

        • Bring your hygiene essentials, including wet wipes, hand sanitizer, and toilet paper, just in case.
        • Consider using portable shower bags if you prefer to avoid lines at shower facilities.
        • Stay hydrated and take care of your health to enjoy the festival to the fullest.

      Making the Most of Festival Amenities

      • Explore Early: Familiarize yourself with the layout of the festival on the first day to locate essential amenities.
      • Stay Informed: Keep an eye on any announcements or updates from festival organizers regarding facilities and their usage.

    Electric Forest Outfits: Dress to Impress

    • Electric Forest Outfits: Dress to Impress

      Electric Forest is more than just a music festival; it's a place where fashion meets festivity, and personal style shines. When it comes to dressing for Electric Forest, the key is to blend whimsy with practicality, comfort with creativity. Here are some outfit ideas to help you stand out:

      • Galactic Pride Women's Bikini: Perfect for those hot festival days, this bikini lets you embrace the festival's lively spirit while keeping cool. It's a vibrant choice for anyone looking to make a statement. Check it out here.

      •    prism raves - ultimate guide to electric forest
      • Neon Bliss Unisex Rave Bucket Hat: Protect yourself from the sun in style with this eye-catching bucket hat. It's not just practical; it's a fun addition to any festival outfit. View the hat here.

      •   prism raves - ultimate guide to electric forest
      • Rainbow Rider Men's Baseball Jersey: This jersey is a colorful, comfortable choice for moving around the festival grounds. It combines comfort and style, perfect for the Electric Forest vibe. See the jersey here.

      •     prism raves - ultimate guide to electric forest
      • Radiant Hue Summer Festival Dress: Float through the festival in this light and airy dress. It's ideal for keeping cool while adding a splash of color to your festival wardrobe. Find the dress here.

      •   prism raves - ultimate guide to electric forest

      Outfit Tips for Electric Forest

      • Layer Up: The weather can be unpredictable, so layers are essential.
      • Comfort is Key: You'll be on your feet a lot, so wear comfortable shoes.
      • Express Yourself: Electric Forest is the perfect place to wear something bold and unique.
      • Accessorize: Think headbands, jewelry, and fun makeup to enhance your look.


      Your outfit at Electric Forest is an opportunity to express yourself. Whether you go whimsical, practical, or a bit of both, embrace your style and enjoy the festival to the fullest.

    What to Wear: Fashion Tips for Electric Forest

    • Weather-appropriate clothing.
    • Comfortable shoes are a must.
    • Accessorize to enhance your look.

    Electric Forest is known for attracting a diverse crowd, both in terms of age and background, making it a unique and inclusive festival experience for all. Here's a closer look at the demographics and family-friendliness of the event:

    • Average Age Range: While the festival predominantly draws young adults, typically in their twenties and thirties, it's not uncommon to see attendees across all age groups. From teenagers experiencing their first festival to older adults who have been part of the rave culture for decades, Electric Forest is a melting pot of generations.

    • Family-Friendly Atmosphere: Understanding that music and art are universal languages, Electric Forest provides specific areas and amenities tailored for families. These areas are designed to be more relaxed and less crowded, offering a comfortable environment for those attending with children.

    • Activities for All Ages: Beyond the music stages, the festival features art installations, workshops, and interactive activities suitable for all ages. This variety ensures that every attendee, regardless of age, finds something to engage with.

    • Safety and Accessibility: Electric Forest is committed to ensuring a safe and accessible environment for all festival-goers. There are measures in place to ensure the well-being of families and individuals of all ages.

    Tips for Families Attending Electric Forest

    • Plan Your Visit: Review the festival map and schedule to identify family-friendly zones and performances.
    • Pack Accordingly: Bring essentials like sunscreen, hats, ear protection for kids, and comfortable shoes.
    • Stay Hydrated and Nourished: Make use of the food vendors and hydration stations, and consider bringing healthy snacks for kids.

      Outfit Tips and Ideas for Electric Forest

      • Light layers for changing weather.
      • LED accessories for nighttime.
      • Themed outfits for group cohesion.


      Electric Forest 2024 is set to be a memorable event filled with music, art, and community spirit.

      Get Ready for Electric Forest 2024!

      Start planning your trip to Electric Forest 2024 now! For tickets, lineup announcements, and more information, visit the official Electric Forest website. Don’t forget to plan your outfits to fully immerse yourself in the Electric Forest experience!

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