Ultimate EDM Trivia Quiz for Rave Enthusiasts

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Electrifying EDM Quiz: Prove Your Rave Expertise with Prism Raves

Welcome to the ultimate EDM trivia quiz, brought to you by Prism Raves! Whether you're a hardcore raver or just dipping your toes into the electrifying world of electronic dance music, this quiz is designed to test your knowledge and maybe teach you a thing or two about the EDM universe. So, put on your kandi, raise your PLUR flag high, and let's dive into the beats!

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • How to Play
  • Trivia Questions
  • Answers
  • Conclusion
  • Q&A

How to Play

Read each question carefully and choose the option you think is correct. The answers are listed right after the questions, so no peeking ahead! Keep track of your correct answers to see how well you know the EDM scene.

Trivia Questions

1. Who is considered the 'Godfather of EDM'?

  • A) Calvin Harris
  • B) Tiësto
  • C) Daft Punk
  • D) Avicii

Correct Answer: B) Tiësto

2. Which festival is known as the largest outdoor techno festival in the world?

  • A) Ultra Music Festival
  • B) Tomorrowland
  • C) Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC)
  • D) Awakenings Festival

Correct Answer: D) Awakenings Festival

3. What year did Daft Punk release their iconic album 'Discovery'?

  • A) 1997
  • B) 2001
  • C) 2005
  • D) 2013

Correct Answer: B) 2001

4. Which DJ headlined the first-ever Tomorrowland festival?

  • A) Armin van Buuren
  • B) David Guetta
  • C) Swedish House Mafia
  • D) Carl Cox

Correct Answer: B) David Guetta

5. 'PLUR' stands for what in rave culture?

  • A) Peace, Love, Unity, Respect
  • B) Party, Love, Unity, Rhythm
  • C) Peace, Love, Understanding, Rhythm
  • D) Party, Loud, Unique, Rave

Correct Answer: A) Peace, Love, Unity, Respect

6. Which city is home to the legendary club Berghain, known for its techno music?

  • A) Berlin
  • B) Amsterdam
  • C) Ibiza
  • D) London

Correct Answer: A) Berlin

7. What genre of EDM is Skrillex most associated with?

  • A) House
  • B) Dubstep
  • C) Trance
  • D) Drum and Bass

Correct Answer: B) Dubstep

8. Which DJ duo is known for wearing helmets during performances?

  • A) The Chainsmokers
  • B) Daft Punk
  • C) Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike
  • D) Justice

Correct Answer: B) Daft Punk

9. What is the name of the annual electronic music conference held in Miami?

  • A) Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE)
  • B) Ultra Music Conference
  • C) Winter Music Conference
  • D) Electric Daisy Conference

Correct Answer: C) Winter Music Conference

10. Who won the first DJ Mag's No. 1 DJ award in 1997?

  • A) Carl Cox
  • B) Paul Oakenfold
  • C) Tiësto
  • D) Armin van Buuren

Correct Answer: B) Paul Oakenfold

11. 'Levels' was a breakout hit for which DJ?

  • A) Avicii
  • B) Calvin Harris
  • C) Hardwell
  • D) Zedd

Correct Answer: A) Avicii

12. What does 'IDM' stand for?

  • A) International Dance Music
  • B) Intelligent Dance Music
  • C) Indie Dance Music
  • D) Integrated Digital Music

Correct Answer: B) Intelligent Dance Music

13. Which festival is held annually in Boom, Belgium?

  • A) Creamfields
  • B) Tomorrowland
  • C) EDC Las Vegas
  • D) Ultra Music Festival

Correct Answer: B) Tomorrowland

14. Eric Prydz is also known by which alias?

  • A) Cirez D
  • B) Pryda
  • C) Both A and B
  • D) None of the above

Correct Answer: C) Both A and B

15. Which of the following genres is a subgenre of house music?

  • A) Techno
  • B) Drum and Bass
  • C) Trance
  • D) Deep House

Correct Answer: D) Deep House

16. Deadmau5's iconic helmet features what animal?

  • A) Cat
  • B) Mouse
  • C) Shark
  • D) Bear

Correct Answer: B) Mouse

17. Which country is the birthplace of Trance music?

  • A) United Kingdom
  • B) Germany
  • C) Netherlands
  • D) Sweden

Correct Answer: C) Netherlands

18. What year was the first Electric Daisy Carnival held?

  • A) 1991
  • B) 1997
  • C) 2000
  • D) 2007

Correct Answer: B) 1997

19. Who is known for the hit song 'Animals'?

  • A) Martin Garrix
  • B) Tiesto
  • C) David Guetta
  • D) Afrojack

Correct Answer: A) Martin Garrix

20. The term 'rave' was first used to describe the EDM scene in which decade?

  • A) 1960s
  • B) 1970s
  • C) 1980s
  • D) 1990s

Correct Answer: C) 1980s

21. Which artist is credited with popularizing Dubstep in the United States?

  • A) Skrillex
  • B) Rusko
  • C) Excision
  • D) Bassnectar

Correct Answer: A) Skrillex

22. 'Sun & Moon' is a track by which Trance group?

  • A) Above & Beyond
  • B) Cosmic Gate
  • C) Aly & Fila
  • D) Dash Berlin

Correct Answer: A) Above & Beyond

23. Which DJ has the record for the most DJ Mag Top 100 wins?

  • A) Armin van Buuren
  • B) Hardwell
  • C) Martin Garrix
  • D) David Guetta

Correct Answer: A) Armin van Buuren

24. What genre is 'Porter Robinson' most associated with?

  • A) Dubstep
  • B) Electro House
  • C) Synthpop
  • D) Future Bass

Correct Answer: C) Synthpop

25. 'Push the Feeling On' is a classic track by which group?

  • A) The Nightcrawlers
  • B) The Chemical Brothers
  • C) Faithless
  • D) Groove Armada

Correct Answer: A) The Nightcrawlers


How did you do, ravers? Whether you're a seasoned EDM veteran or a newcomer to the scene, we hope this quiz added some extra sparkle to your day and got you in the mood for your next festival or rave. Remember, at Prism Raves, we're all about celebrating the love, unity, and vibrant energy of the EDM community. Keep dancing, keep loving, and see you at the next rave!


Q: What's the best way to prepare for an EDM festival? A: Dive into the lineups, listen to the artists' top tracks, wear comfortable rave attire, and embrace the PLUR lifestyle.

Q: How can I connect with other ravers? A: Join EDM communities online, attend meetups at festivals, and don't be afraid to trade kandi and share your love for music.

Q: How can I discover new EDM artists and tracks? A: Follow music blogs, check out playlists on streaming services, and attend festivals to experience a wide range of artists live.

Q: What's the best way to make the most out of a music festival? A: Stay hydrated, dress comfortably, plan your schedule to catch your favorite acts, and be open to exploring new music.

Ready to keep the rave going? Head over to Prism Raves for your ultimate rave essentials and more electrifying content like this. Keep the beats alive, and let's rave on!

Remember, always add your sparkle to the rave, and let the music guide you. Peace, Love, Unity, Respect.

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